Militar Reino de Uatia


Welcome to the Uatian website. Whether you were linked to this page or stumbled upon it out of randomness, we would like you to continue reading and if you find yourself interested, please join the movement and help spread the word.


Uatia is THE political platform for the future of humanity. We came a long way from starting as an online gaming group of teenagers to growing up and recognizing the world we live in, and that of how backwards it really is in retrospect to how things could be if we as a human race had made some better decisions during our development.

Now that we are adults and have integrated ourselves into appropriate areas of society for future game changing, we have moved to the next level. The level of "connection" where we seek to enlighten our fellow humans with hopes of getting them to join the Uatian movement.



Please continue further reading into our website and see if the Uatian philosophy is YOUR philosophy.